Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friend or Professional?

So your not sure if you should hire a professional wedding planner or just ask a friend to help out at the reception.

Well it might depend on what you need help on, the days logistics and which friend.

If you are going to ask a gal pal, make sure she is organized and know that you might be keeping her from the party. But there could be some things that a friend could help out with:

If you are looking for someone to make sure you have everything to get ready, be there to help put the dress on, put your purse together and give the BM the rings(ie: a bridesmaid).
make sure the photographer has your must take photos list.
or maybe
set out your homemade centerpieces.

If you want someone to truly manage your day, work with your vendors, act on your behalf and make sure all your friends and family are having fun you need to consider hiring a professional. A professional will be your eyes and ears, be knowledgeable of what you want, be familiar with the wedding professionals you hired (and what the contracts say), help you make decisions and will know about timing issues that could affect food and catering.

If your day of planner is good he/she will start working with you about a month from the wedding. They will go over your plans, review contracts, make a timeline, contact all your wedding vendors, answer your unending last minute questions, talk you through your seating arrangements, your ceremony programs and your must play dance songs - all BEFORE the actual wedding.

They will coordinate the rehearsal, ceremony and of course be there on your big day to make sure all your plans are carried out. Remember they are working for you on your behalf, not the hotel or catering facility. Their #1 priority is making sure your day is wonderful and all issues are dealt with behind the scenes.

Coordinators fees range but remember you get what you pay for. The expenditure might seem like more then you want to pay but can you put a price on peace of mind? Let your friends or aunts enjoy themselves, party with you on the dance floor and leave the logistics to the professionals.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you like your profile?

I recently came across a very cool website Simply Silhouette that creates silhouettes from your pictures and can pretty much put them on anything (stationary, jewelry clothes).

I was looking at a Parenting Magazine and it showed lots of children pictures on pillows or wall hangings.

After I clicked to their site I saw that they also do things that would be perfect for couples and weddings.
Think about putting this on your save the date, thank you notes or as a wall hanging behind your cake.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Pink Book Professionals

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen to be a Preferred Coordinator for The Pink Book!!

Check it out: The Pink Book

The also have a great blog going and specific blogs for certain US cities - Hopefully Philadelphia will get one soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ask the Expert...

Summertime fun:
I am going to open up my blog to answer some of your questions; wedding and/or event related.

Just post the question here or email me (address on the right) and I will answer it in a post for all my readers benefit.

So ask about etiquette, dress fittings, hot colors, timing of an event, how to deal with your mom or MIL; whatever it is ask away.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summertime Drink

Well I have been looking for a fun non alcoholic drink for the summer - I think I found it:

Raspberry Iced Tea Slushy
1 cup sweetened frozen red raspberries
2 cups unsweetened iced tea
1 1/2 cups ice

Place all ingredients into blender in above order, whirl until slushy. Makes about 4 cups

Add in a fun straw or stirrer and voila

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Happy Couple

I was lucky enough to coordinate a beautiful wedding last Saturday night for Stacy and Robert. They were wonderful to work with, so laid back - I am not sure much would bother Stacy. Even when the AC quit working, it was the hottest day of the year and the ballroom was very stuffy, luckily by the time dancing started it had finally cooled off.

She looked beautiful in a Ream Acra dress. The tables were dressed with sage and ivory linens and topped with the largest peonies and hydrangea you have ever seen - thanks to Honeybunches Floral. The guests rocked the dance floor with The Jack Faulkner Orchestra and the night was captured by Philip Gabriel Photography.

Stacy was a DIYer - the programs, escort cards, table numbers, menus and favors were all perfectly coordinated. Favors were chopsticks and a sage holder. It all came together perfectly!

When I get some professional photos I will post for you all to see. Enjoy Kauai newlyweds!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

An announcement!

I don't always talk about personal things but I am bursting at the seams to tell the world.

I am expecting a baby!! DH and I are going to have a lil pumpkin around Halloween!

We had our ultrasound today and everything is perfect - what an amazing experience.

Baby was skirming around so this is the best profile shot we got!

So you might be seeing some posts on baby showers and baby parties sometime this summer.
I am also still taking clients for 2009 - no worries there!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Martha Martha

I was so excited to go get the new Martha Stewart Collectors Edition Magazine. Couldn't wait to to open it and see the new 270 favorite ideas.

Well much to my disappointment its the SAME thing they have put out the past 2 years. Same layout, same picture etc. I was really hoping they would take advantage of all the NEW ideas and trends.

cute cover - great pink and green picture but how about cake pictures we haven't been seeing for the past 5 years!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

M&MS are at it again!

Put your face on M&MS!
One color could be you and your fiance and the other your names.
Get creative!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cards with Legs

I am sure you have heard this before but please remember to provide something at your reception to hold all your cards - most likely they have money in them. We wouldn't want a guest just walking by and taking one or all of them.

Good options are a covered box - see above or something simple like a hinged basket. You want to make sure that hands can't reach in and grab something out.

You can make this part of your decor by using a bird cage if you have an outdoor wedding or a red canvas box for an Asian wedding.

Your wedding planner can watch over the items and make sure they go in the appropriate car at the end of the night. If you are at a hotel please have someone go with the bellman to your room with the gifts. I have heard of them taking gifts to the wrong bridal suite.

Just remember to secure your gifts and gift cards so no one but you gets to enjoy them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Could I offer you some Tea?

I know everyone is always looking for a unique favor for their wedding or shower - or even to go in the out of towners gift bag.

Look what I found at Crate and Barrel -

5 sachets for $3.95.
Very elegant!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get Creative with Tissues!

Even Kleenex has gotten into the personalization. I don't know how I stumbled on this website but did you know that you can customize your tissue box?

Yep upload pictures of your bridesmaids or your fiance - have them available at the wedding. Print pictures of your new baby or even your family to send to grandma. Wouldn't your puppy look cute - you could really make every bathroom in your house with a very cute oval tissue box.

My husband thinks this is crazy but I think its kind of neat - I am always looking for the tissue box that matches the decor in a room - now I can make it!

Price is only $4.99 + shipping. You can use borders, clip art, background image, fonts and pick the color of the top.

What about making boxes for all your out of town gift bags - welcome your guests this way. It sure is different.

Check it out- My Kleenex Tissue
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