Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Top The Cake

I have noticed more and more couples are starting to use bride and groom cake toppers. Not the flimsy plastic ones your mom used or the gazebo with birds on it. A few years ago they were showing off their hobbies and being fun on a grooms cake but now I am seeing a switch to the wedding cake itself.

Something more stylish and more personal.

Like this from You Top The Cake
Very personal - you can add in dogs, kids or a theme.

Hand Sculpted & Hand Painted Figurine made to Look Like YOU !!

and the most expensive and very quirky from PatchNYC

or this company will add in a sport or hobby Custom Toppers

thanks to bff bridal, brides for some links.

1 comment:

Michael said...

The idea of look alike sculptures surely sounds wonderful and I would prefer something like that on my wedding too. Rest assured my would be wife would be equally bewildered. Then we need to take pictures and put them in a Photo canvas for relishing the old moments of joy.

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