Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to...on Wine Part 2

I know that when most of us go into a restaurant we aren't exactly sure how to order wine and then exactly how to enjoy it.

Here are some tips.
-Look over the food and wine menus, ask your dinner partners to give their preferences. Some may be ordering fish and others beef and you might need a red and a white.
-Seek the advice of your waiter or sommelier.
-Express your desires, don't be afraid or mention your price range and that you don't really like Merlot for example.
-Be open to suggestions and trust your own taste.
-When the bottle arrives check the label to make sure the correct bottle was delivered.
-When the waiter or sommelier pours you a bit, smell it then taste it. The surest indicators of freshness is the aroma and taste. If you detect musty, sour or wet towel scent the wine is bad.
-If the bottle is empty and everyone is still eating ask your friends if they would like another glass, don't ask if they want more (more implies they may have had too much).


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