Sunday, April 22, 2007

Felicite and Ed

Another successful wedding and even the weather decided to cooperate.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and the newlyweds just glowed. The ceremony took place at St. Joseph's Catholic church in DC and reception at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington. This wedding was very special to me for 2 reasons-I really grew close to this couple and enjoyed every part of coordinating their wedding AND it was at the Ballroom - the same place I had my wedding 7 months ago.

Felicite loved daisies and wanted lots of spring flowers using blues and yellows. We worked with John Duffy from Yellow Door and got amazing flowers. The guests were welcomed with a tall cherry blossom arrangement with tiny daisies stuck all over the vase. The centerpieces had tulips, hydrangea, daisies and daffodils - very colorful. We used daisy cookie cutters as napkin rings with a cookie recipe and even served hot cookies for dessert.

The couple really wanted a way to get the guests dancing with them so I came up with a fun way to use Dance Cards. We created small cards with a song on it for each table. When the John Winn Jazz Band played a certain song the guests at that table got to 'redeem' it for a spin around the dance floor with either the bride or groom. This was a hit and all the guests got to dance with the couple.

Now Felicite and Ed are off to Greece for a honeymoon.

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