Thursday, November 29, 2007

Open House/Party Gift Ideas

Are you going to lots of Holiday Parties this year?

Do you need a few simple gift ideas to take to the Hostess?

I put together some of my favorites:
Obviously wine is a good option - Crate and Barrel has these cute Bell or CHEERS! charms to add to the bottle.

Pepermint Bark from Williams Sonoma

Ornaments from Restoration Hardware

If you are a baker - how about making some chocolate bread and use Pampered Chef's mini loaf pan. That's an easy way to get 4 gifts.

Another great option - If you have a HomeGoods near you - pop in and get some nice Holiday hand towels or a cute Santa figure.

Happy Partying!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grooms Guide 2

So you have just spent weeks planning an engagement and finding a ring, you have proposed and now you think there isn't much to do. Well here are a few hints to keep you a little involved in the planning - I promise you it will make your future wife SOOO happy.

-Make a list of people you would like to invite. Start a spreadsheet with names, and addresses of guests. Talk to your parents and get their list.

-Talk about money - work out a wedding budget together.

-Choose your Groomsmen and pick a BM.

-Talk Honeymoon - nothing gets her away from the stress then talking about the honeymoon!
discuss options, plan a budget, research and then Book It!

-Research the route from the hotel to the church and to the reception site. Put this together to add to your wedding website. Create a map.

-Listen to your beloved when she talks about crazy bridesmaids, colored linens and styles of china - sometimes she just needs an ear - you don't have to fix it just LISTEN!

and 3 very important things
-Think of something special to do for your bride the morning of the wedding; deliver a handwritten love note, breakfast in bed, send flowers, etc.

-Tell her over and over again how you love her, how beautiful she looks and how amazing that dress is (remember she spent a lot of time on that 'look')!

-Thank your in laws a lot for the wedding (if appropriate) and for raising an amazing woman.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Loving Ballard Again!

There is not much I don't love from Ballard Designs.

How about a Fresh Cedar Alphabet Wreath for your front door or for the doors of your church - what a nice way to welcome your guests.

Now if you want to keep it year after year you should look at the PVC Spruce wreath they also sell.

Love this idea now I just wish I had a winter wedding to plan.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lilly Lovers Beware

Its time for another warehouse sale!

Lilly Pulitzer Holiday and Resort 2007 - Valley Forge Convention Center

Friday November 30th - 7am - 8pm
Saturday December 1 - 8am - 4pm

Get some of your Holiday shopping done now!

ps- if your wondering....I would love a green cashmere sweater!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!


Enjoy your friends and family and eat lots of turkey!

poll - do you like pumpkin pie, apple pie or pecan pie for dessert? Post a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oprah's Favorite Things

So who watched Oprah yesterday?
They were in Macon, GA and surprised the guests by having the Oprah's Favorite Things show!
I sooo wish I could go to one of those shows - the guests get ALL her favorite things - unbelievable!

My favorites:
Make sure you register for the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer (a must have and there are so many colors to pick from)and the Samsung Progressive HD Camcorder - perfect to record your honeymoon memories!

as a gift for your maid of honor: KAI BODY BUTTER and BODY BUFFER

as a thank you to your favorite wedding professional:
PERFECT ENDINGS CUPCAKES FROM WILLIAMS-SONOMA - They come in three fabulous flavors: red velvet with white icing, chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and coconut. $59 (set of 9)

how about the new LG refrigerator that has a TV in the door?!?!?!?!?
and of course an easy stocking stuffer is the Josh Groban Noel CD!
anyone reading this that wants to get me something....Crochet Uggs(kids size of course)!!!
Love it!

if you missed it check it out on

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Moshulu

I had a wonderful lunch today on the moshulu. The food was delicious, the presentation beautiful and what a cool space for an event. Thanks Amy!

I had butternut squash soup and then a Cesar salad with shrimp that was wrapped in prosciutto for presentation, then pumpkin cheesecake with Cabernet sorbet on the side!

Although it was raining we enjoyed sitting by the window enjoying our food then she gave me a tour. There are many different rooms and great outside spaces for a wedding or special event. Picture this - ceremony on the outside upper deck, move inside for dinner and toasts then back outside for dancing and dessert.

They can accommodate large or small groups. They are also open for lunch or dinner and have a great outdoor bar from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

so go check it out

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lets Talk Invitations

I work with Carlson Craft stationary and invitations.
Starting the beginning of December my clients and anyone else will be able to view and order directly from my website. More info on that coming soon....

but in the meantime I am offering a deal:
Order any invitation (shower, baby, announcement, note cards, holiday etc) and I will give you 25% off retail price. If you order from the 'Blue' book you will receive 100 free personalized napkins. Stand by for a whole new 'Blue' book from Carlson Craft.

So contact me today to place your order.

-Don't forget your holiday cards, business or personal-

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Kid of Pumpkin Pie

So its Friday - thought I would pass along a fun drink to start off the weekend or go buy the ingredients to serve next Thursday with the family.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

2 oz of Absolut Vanilla Vodka
1 oz of pumpkin schnapps
splash of cream or milk

shake all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice, strain into martini glass, garnish with nutmeg and a cherry.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mysteries of Fashion

Did you ever wonder why we do what we do, wear what we wear or where something got its name? well I have solved some of the mysteries!

Purse - Women used to stow their essentials in a mini waist pack tied under their clothing. When fashions changed and the fabrics wouldn't conceal this bulge women started carrying a pocketbook.

French Cuffs - French royalty invented the style in the 1500's when flowing sleeves were all the rage, nobles would tie their sleeves back with fasteners.

Blue Jeans - Levi Strauss made the first blue jeans in 1873 and used denim fabric because it was sturdier.

Shoes - called a Pump for the pumping noise it made when male servants wore them in 1550.
Sneakers were rubber soled shoes that were quiet or 'sneaky'. Stiletto is an Italian word for an assassin's narrow bladed knife made its debut in 1953, the pointed heels were murder on wood floors(and on most women's feet).
Cardigan - button front sweater was invented by the Earl of Cardigan to keep his troops warm.

Lilly Pulitzer Dresses -Inspired after a juice stand uniform to camouflage the citrus stains. People started ordering dresses and not the juice.

and Abercrombie and Fitch began as a camping supply store in 1892. They equipped Lindbergh for his historic flight across the Atlantic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Colin Cowie on HSN

Colin Cowie has partnered with HSN on fabulous gifts, gorgeous holiday decorations and 6 exclusive tabletop collections.

Holidays are approaching so if you need some ideas check him out today Tuesday Nov 13th at 11am, 5pm and 6pm or tomorrow the 14th at 1pm and 9pm.

Cowie on HSN

Monday, November 12, 2007

Grooms Guide

Most of the time we talk about the bride, her dress, her bridesmaids and other decisions about her...well what about the groom? I am going to do a series on the groom and/or the guys in the wedding.

I found this article in Mens Health Magazine - great suggestions.
Guys Guide to Surviving Your Buddies Big Day

My favorites are:
Toasting-the ideal speech lasts 3 minutes or less. Segue from humorous, PG-rated stories into tender moments. "Now that's what I call love," or "And yet, she still said yes." Remember, it's not a roast or a bachelor party. Keep it clean. "Don't say anything you wouldn't be comfortable whispering into the bride's mother's ear," says Roney.

(I just wish the BM at our wedding listened to this advice - we still aren't speaking...)


Dancing-It's your best chance of wooing a bridesmaid, so ease on out there, Astaire. If your proficiency peaked in junior high, embrace slow songs or ones that revolve around jumping ("Shout"), simple hand movements ("YMCA"), headbanging ("You Shook Me All Night Long"), and hand grabbing ("We Are Family"), suggests Craig Michaels, author of Thirty to Wife: The Tell-All Groom's Guide to Weddings. And know your own limitations. "Never slide across the dance floor like you're stealing third," he says.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lets Talk Bustles

Ok ladies you have searched high and low for THE dress, tired on so many styles and then you put it on, you feel your eyes tear up and then you walk out to show your mom or maid of honor the dress; Speechless says a thousand words. You have spent hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on your dress and now its time to get alterations so you look perfect in it on your wedding day.

So Don't forget your Bustle!

Please Please Please make sure that you encourage your seamstresses to reinforce your bustles - if at all possible get a French bustle made, it is tied underneath instead of on top. 99 out of 100 times a hook and eye or a loop over a button DOES NOT hold.

I have seen it many times. Your first dance, the last twirl the dip and your new hubby steps on the back of your dress and the 'loop' loosens....the more you dance and walk around the more it comes loose then it breaks all together - only a reinforced diaper pin could hold it now. (something your wedding planner swears by) The problem with that is it might rip your dress.

Reminder - Please ask your seamstress to double and triple check your bustles to make them secure.

Then dance the night away!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


CB2 has these great clear taper candle holders.
Perfect for your mantle, sideboard table, holiday table, wedding ceremony, reception tables, birthday or cocktail party.

Imagine creating an alter of candles for your ceremony or creating a unique element to your cocktail hour.

Between $4 and $13 you can afford to add that little extra.

I think CB2 has a lot of unique items to spruce up your next event - check them out.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Favorite Things

I came across Stephannie Barba's Couture maps - they are amazing and beautiful.She has created very unique hand painted maps of certain cities in the US and abroad, Philly happens to be one of them. When used as a save the date or even enclosed in your invites it definitely sets the tone for event. She will customize to match your wedding theme and invitation. She does research on the city of your choice and includes where your wedding will be to make it unique to you.

Pricing is $400 for design and about $140 for 100 cards to be printed. This is very custom though - you can pick any paper or size and even add color. If you use artwork she has already created the costs could be a little lower.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


My hubby had a work trip to Williamsburg and I got to take along!
so while he sat in a seminar all day Friday I got to visit a friend and shop!

how great is that?

Thanks Shayna (Williamsburg Wedding Design) for letting me visit your office. Its great to see you and can't wait for The Special Event Conference in January.

Also I discovered a Yankee Candle Store - not what you think of as the mall store. This was as big as a Dept store - had a 'street', fountain and lots of mini shops. I went crazy and bought lots of holiday candles.

:) then went back to the resort to have dinner with my hubby!
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