Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lets Talk Bustles

Ok ladies you have searched high and low for THE dress, tired on so many styles and then you put it on, you feel your eyes tear up and then you walk out to show your mom or maid of honor the dress; Speechless says a thousand words. You have spent hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on your dress and now its time to get alterations so you look perfect in it on your wedding day.

So Don't forget your Bustle!

Please Please Please make sure that you encourage your seamstresses to reinforce your bustles - if at all possible get a French bustle made, it is tied underneath instead of on top. 99 out of 100 times a hook and eye or a loop over a button DOES NOT hold.

I have seen it many times. Your first dance, the last twirl the dip and your new hubby steps on the back of your dress and the 'loop' loosens....the more you dance and walk around the more it comes loose then it breaks all together - only a reinforced diaper pin could hold it now. (something your wedding planner swears by) The problem with that is it might rip your dress.

Reminder - Please ask your seamstress to double and triple check your bustles to make them secure.

Then dance the night away!

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