Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alternative Registry Ideas

So recently some of my clients have inquired about other ways to register - for a way to possibly give back. A lot of couples these days already have the basics and don't need to get another blender or set of wine glasses.

Couples can suggest to their guests that they donate to a charity on the couples behalf. provides a registry with lots of nonprofits to select from. The charities are are divided out by cause, then alerts the couples when gifts are made.

The other option and a little more traditional is This way you can register like you normally would but those registries give back. A percentage of the value of their gift is donated to a charity of your choice.

Of course there are a few other ways to give back as well. Purchase a honeymoon and/or invitations that will give a percentage to a charity of your choice. I have had a few couples give money to the Komen Foundation or the American Heart Association in lieu of favors in honor of loved ones.

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Unknown said...

Another option for alternative wedding registry is using Through Firstgiving you can create a fundraising page for any nonprofit that you care about and after that you can send your page out by email. If you are keeping a wedding blog you can post a widget there and all of your friends and family can see your/their progress. Guests can leave encouraging comments and so it acts as a guest book at the same time!

Check out this page:

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