Monday, August 6, 2007

Perfectly Stated

I was talking to my friend yesterday at the baseball game about my business. I was excited that I just booked another couple for May of 2008 and was telling her all about it. She is a very busy attorney and simply stated that of course everyone should hire a wedding planner. Who has the time? We talked about how people go to professionals for massages, for decorating advice, to get our car fixed and even legal advice so why not talk to someone who plans big parties for a living.

So many people want to do it themselves (which is fine if you have the time and energy) and so many others aren't sure where to start. So if you aren't sure if you should hire a wedding planner, at least call and talk to some, you might be surprised how affordable and easy it is to ask for guidance.

I was reminded about a blog post my friend and fellow wedding planner in NJ wrote - perfectly stated: click here

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