Saturday, September 8, 2007

Its Also Baby Season

There are so many of my friends that are having babies this fall.
It kicked off Friday with my friend Emilie -, a wedding planner in Ohio. She gave birth to a beautiful baby Elizabeth Jane on Friday.

So what do you send a new mom? There is this great lady in PA that makes these cool diaper cakes. She uses pampers diapers and can make them in any color you want (pink and green, yellow, blue and brown etc). They are filled with goodies and the 'flowers' on top are baby booties!!

So I sent one to Emilie - to enjoy table top or to gradually take apart to find what is hidden inside. Congrats to Emilie and Randy on your new little baby Ellie.

(For more information on how you can purchase one of these let me know.)

1 comment:

Emilie said...

Thank you so much Meredith! The diaper cake was a great surprise as were all the goodies inside! It really was gorgeous! Lots of love from Ellie and me!

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