Thursday, March 27, 2008

You are THE Star!

These days people love to document their lives, capture all the special moments. They also want to be a star - to feel important.

Well how about you hire some paparazzi to follow you around and document the occasion? I think this would be so fun for an engagement or bachelor/bachelorette party. You deserve the star treatment and it would be so much fun!

This is becoming a huge trend right now. Celeb 4 A Day offers the service in Los Angeles, Austin and San Francisco. I am sure you could talk to some photographers in your area (maybe even your wedding photographer) and see if they would be up for it. The cost is a bit steep - running about $500 for 30 mins to $2500 for 2 hours.

I can picture it now: Boy sets up romantic dinner, hires limo, sets up delivery of flowers tableside. He pops down on one knee proposes - of course she screams YES - as they leave the restaurant the paparazzi is all around, snapping pictures, asking how he proposed, did she say Yes? lets see the ring...the streets go crazy. People are wondering what is going on and you and your fiance feel like STARS! Your engagement was just recorded and you will have amazing pics to show for it!

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