Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just Hire a Wedding Planner!

You can Thank me later!

There are sooo many reasons that you should hire a planner or even just a Month out Coordinator. Every couple deserves the piece of mind that comes from knowing the smallest detail is being handled, crisis being adverted and memories being made. Now not all weddings will be perfect, in fact something always goes a little wrong, but wouldn't it be great to know you didn't have to leave the party, stop dancing or be on the phone on YOUR wedding day.

Now don't think that the catering manager at the hotel will be there and that they will do everything - Big misconception!! They are in charge of the food and beverage and of course they want your day to go smooth. They might even put out you escort cards and make sure you get food during pictures but they will NOT necessarily call all your vendors if you have to go to plan B or track down your song on a CD for your first dance, call back the limo driver for one more shuttle or even stay the whole night.

I read Life Design Events in Arizona and she posted a perfect example why everyone should have someone on their side coordinating their wedding or event. Mishaps can occur, she handled it perfectly!


Life Design Event Planning said...

Thanks for the comment and for spreading the word!

Suite B said...

I am so not going to be cheap on this one anymore and I'm hiring a planner NEXT WEEK. I just hope my dad's and fiancé don't find out!

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