Monday, July 14, 2008


How many of you can keep up with all your friends and family birthdays? I know its tough but I really try to remember the special day and send a card - yep a real card in the mail. If for some reason I forget the person definitely gets a phone call.

I have noticed recently that with all this technology and instant gratification we are craving, people are forgetting that personal touch. How hard is it to send a card or pick up the phone and call a friend?

Please don't send a text message to your best friend of 25 years that says 'Happy Bday'

So now you want to know how I keep track of these special days - I use Birthday Alarm.
It's this great site that sends an email to your friends and family, they respond with their birthday and then 3 days before the birthday you get an email alarm reminding you.

Amazing - it works wonders and all your friends and family will be happy you remembered -Don't forget that personal touch - they are your nearest and dearest.

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