Friday, June 5, 2009

Cocktail Reception

Guests moved to the south terrace for more surprises.
The ever famous Ice Ball from Ice Caters - Perfect for a martini or high ball glass!Raw bar - I can't believe how people flocked to this - the Country Club staff couldn't even keep it full fast enough.
And a fun lobster sautee station.
Frank Sinatra Tribute Show - Tony Sands sang great Sinatra tunes for cocktail hour and dinner hour. Guests loved this!
Linens for this area were turquoise with pink peonies!
Neat silver wire wrapped vases.


Christina Hagan said...

Meredith - I'm loving this recap - such a beautiful wedding!

Wenni Donna said...

Joyous to know about your cocktail reception. It is my sister’s ring ceremony and I want to arrange a grand brunch party. Booked one of graceful LA venues around and planning to decorate this venue so as to make this event special.

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