Monday, February 11, 2008

7 Days of Love-for Men

Alright Fellas - you have 3 days to get your sweetie something special for Valentines Day!

Lets think beyond a dozen red roses - of course you know your sweetie better then anyone and maybe that is all she needs is some chocolate and roses but how about something meaningful - something that evokes a memory.

Why don't you order a bouquet of flowers just like what she carried on your wedding day.
(if you don't know what flowers they are take a picture to the florist)

How about a living plant - orchids, hydrangea or a rose bush. Explain how you want her to plant it and watch it bloom for weeks or years to come.

(Giant Grocery Stores have orchid plants for $25 and Cally Lilly plants for only $9.99!)

PS - if you plan to send flowers SEND THEM TO HER OFFICE - she will love it!

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