Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day Engagements

So how many lucky men got YES' on Valentines Day from their sweethearts?

The time between Christmas and Valentines Day is very popular for proposals! So tell me about yours - it doesn't have to be recent but post a message and let me know how you proposed or got proposed to!
I will put all these posts/names in a hat and have my hubby draw one - the Lucky winner will receive either 100 Save the Dates if you are now engaged or 100 monogrammed note cards if you are already married.

Ok I will start - My hubby took me to Newport, RI for a mini fall get away and as the sun was setting he proposed at Brenton Point. He got on one knee and asked me to share his life with him. I tackled him crying then I remembered I better say Yes!

So what is your story???


Casie said...

My fiance took me to the building where we met at college and dropped to one knee. He tricked me in to going there saying that there was a new store that opened that I would love. It was so cute that he proposed at the very spot where we first met, and of course I burst into tears of joy and said, "yes." We are getting married this October.

Sarah said...

For two weeks in January I was traveling for work. I spent a week in Vegas and then headed to San Francisco for a week at Macworld. I was a little tired of being on the road and decided to see if I could get my flight home from San Francisco changed from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning or Friday night. Out of nowhere a Saturday morning meeting came up and I had to be there for it. After two weeks of straight work, and being on the road, and long hours. I was mad. Really, really mad. Little did I know, it was all part of a big plan.

Despite my frustration with having to stay in San Francisco, there was something good about the situation because I was, in fact, in San Francisco. It's a city that I love and one that brought back all kinds of good memories from my September visit there with Spencer. While we were there one of our favorite spots quickly became Dottie's True Blue Cafe - an adorable diner at 522 Jones Street. We fell in love with the comfy vintage vibe and fantastic food even though we had to wait in line to experience it. Now that I was in San Francisco again, I thought it well to take advantage of its proximity. I ate there alone on Monday, then with a coworker on Friday, and she liked it so much that she suggested that we try to squeeze breakfast in there once more before our nine AM meeting on Saturday. I agreed to meet her at 7:30 am in the lobby of our hotel.

On Saturday morning we took a cab to Dottie's. When we pulled up to the restaurant we went inside to a crowded waiting area. There seemed to be about three parties ahead of us, but the waiter asked if we were "them." Confused, I asked my coworker if she had called ahead, and she said that she had. We were promptly seated. As my coworkers dismissed themselves to the bathroom, I gazed out the window at the city waking up, and looked around at the other tables filling the cozy space. I sat with one leg tucked under, until someone smacked me on the butt to get my attention. Shocked, I turned around and it was Spencer! Double shock! For a moment I thought I had passed out and was dreaming - but it was him! And he was kneeling down next to the table. And he was holding a little box. With the most beautiful ring inside! I threw my arms around him and still in shock to even see him, listened as he asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes, and the rest is history. It was the surprise of a lifetime and I'm so excited to spend the rest of it with Spencer!

ley said...

I love your story! That's funny that you tackled him- how cute!

My story:

My fiance and I met by total chance through friends (my cousin and his best friend) at an arcade/mini golf place, and bonded over our horribleness at mini golf. That same weekend, we ate at a local pizza place and hiked around on Lookout Mountain. A little over a year and a half later, after I left Chicago and moved to the south to be with him, we were talking about going on a picnic up to "our spot" on Lookout Mountain. It was FREEZING and REALLY WINDY, but somehow he convinced me it would be LESS cold and windy on TOP of the mountain (it was a very fortunate "blonde moment" of mine), so we took sandwiches up there. We had to huddle under a rock, it was so windy, but he got down on one knee and completely surprised me with a beautiful proposal. (I mean completely surprised me- he actually had to get my attention and tell me he was trying to propose, cuz I was trying to take pictures, lol.) After I accepted (and almost knocked the ring down the mountain in my excited-ness!) we went out to celebrate at the same pizza place and arcade that we met at. :)

MC(B)Y said...

My fiance and I had been dating for about 3 1/2 years when he took me on a trip to NYC this Christmas. We had been talking for almost a year about getting engaged, but we are long distance while I'm in law school and he was always saying that he thought it was better to wait until I had graduated. I didn't agree :). We were walking around Central Park near the duck pond on Saturday night, when he started a conversation about how he knew I was ready to get married, but that he thought it was better to wait until I was done with school, and told me not to get too excited or think anything would happen any time soon but that he thought it was time to start ring shopping. I, of course, am trying to decide whether I am upset he only wants to shop, or happy that he at least wants to shop, when he closes the conversation with: "So, we can shop here this weekend, or shop at home over Christmas, or, I kinda thought that you might like this ring I have right here?" I was totally shocked and completely surprised--he had done a very good job convincing me this was 6 months down the road! I said yes, of course (after I quit cussing him for tricking me so well!), and we'll be getting married December, 2008.

Unknown said...

My fiancé and I were going out on his father's boat which we hadn't been alone on in months. Right before we were leaving, his parents called and said they might join us. He got really annoyed and got pretty quiet on the phone. When he got off he said that they had changed their mind again and would not be coming.

We went out on the water and went into a little cove. We sat out on the front of the boat and at sunset he asked that I stand for a hug. When I stood up, he got down on one knee. I couldn't stop saying "yes!"

About an hour later a couple on their boat pulled up and said congratulations...they watched the whole thing!

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