Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't forget the Groom

A lot of brides really want to include their groom in the wedding plans and sometimes they just don't care about colors, dresses or food. They just want it to be nice and they want you to be happy. A good way to get them involved is to have them pick some things they want for the registry or maybe make a Man Registry.

You should pass this on to your hubby to be. There is the registry options which encourages adding things like tools sets, camping equipment and cameras but there are also articles and how to guides for them.

From the brains behind the site: "Men are afraid to ask a lot of times about what they need to know, like they may not know what a cuff link is or how to put one on," Easter says. "There aren't a lot of avenues out there for that information, let alone a chance for men to supplement their wedding registry."

I particularly like the articles on bachelor parties and wedding toasts.

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