Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Guests

So you are planning the perfect wedding-You are analyzing every detail, making sure every favor is tied and every dress is hemmed but have you stopped to think about your guests?

Most of my couples tell me they want to make sure everyone has fun at their wedding.
Here are a few tips to help with this:

1-Try not to have too much time between your ceremony and reception. Its best to go directly from one to another. I know you think you have to have a nightime reception with dinner at 8pm but think about moving it a little earlier, your guests will thank you.
Sometimes this is unavoidable if your church is only availalbe at 1pm, if this is the case offer your guests something to do in between times. For example I was working on a wedding at the Omni Downtown Washington, DC - we took the guests on a bus tour of the monuments between the ceremony and reception - it was a hit and really occupied them for the hour in between time. If you are having your reception at a country club - maybe you can set up a putting contest before cocktail hour.

2-Give your out of town guests some ideas on what to do during the weekend - restaurants, activities or must do events before then jet out of town. You can add this to the out of towners gift bags offered at the hotel. A cost saving tip - just write up a welcome letter for everyone and list restaurants, cab numbers and a wedding day schedule.

3-Don't I repeat DON'T have a cash bar - You wouldn't ask your guests for money if they came to your house for a dinner party would you? Cut out a extra dessert or calligraphy and offer a beer/wine reception instead.

All of this will help make for happy guests!


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