Friday, March 6, 2009

Take a Moment

Remember to take a moment away from wedding planning (or in my case from the constant needs of a 4 month old).
Try Tea for One -"Tea cleans the mind and soul as well as the body" says Sauer author of The Way to Tea.

When you need a moment away try these steps:
1-Create a relaxing atmosphere - add fresh flowers and soothing music
2-Find a quiet comfy place to sit near a window to enjoy the natural light
3-Make your Tea - observe your surroundings
4-Give thanks for the quiet moment you have created
5-Sip your tea and start to give thanks for all aspects of your life (ie: fiance, friends, job, children, family, your health)
6-Before your last sip smile softly to yourself and say "I give thanks for the great abundance in my life"

So its a little zen but it will bring you back to reality and get you calm and focused again.

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