Monday, April 13, 2009

Cost Saving Ideas

Here are some tips on reducing some costs for your wedding.

1-Hire a planner - they know the professionals to call, the sites to look into and can keep you on budget as well as save you tons of research time.

2-Ask if there is a recession special - everything is negotiable.

3-Think seriously of getting married off peak - March or August -how about a Thurs or Fri?

4-If you must get married in June or Sept - how about a fancy luncheon?

5-Don't think Package C is the best option because the bottom line looks good to you - Create your own 'package' with what is important and don't forget to add in service and gratuity.

6-Cut out the cheese display (its not worth it) and the extra dessert (a yummy cake is enough).

4-Guest List Guest List - I can't stress enough - if you are tight on budget lower your guest list, even by 15 people can save you thousands. Not only in food costs but table, linen, centerpieces etc.

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