Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Tips

Before you tie the knot here are some things you should do or plan to do.

1-Go away together - take a long weekend and go visit a winery, go to a ballgame, stay in a bed in breakfast, ride a roller coaster at an amusement park or go lay on the beach. What ever it is do it together and try not to talk wedding - just get ready for the marriage.

2-On the wedding day give your cell phone to your best man and/or maid of honor. There are always last minute calls that you don't need to deal with. I don't know why it is but guests always call the bride for directions or info on something to do in the area.

3-Have your planner take you into the reception space right before the guests enter - it will be the only time you can see the room untouched. They you can really take in the ambiance and all the decor that took you a year to decide on.

4-Ask your bridal party to take pictures of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and/or after party. This is still part of your wedding weekend and you don't want to miss a thing.

5-Tell everyone involved the details of the weekend - this includes bridal party AND the dads. They might need to transport people, the centerpieces after the wedding or picking up the tuxs and they need to know what you know.

6-Get your engagement ring cleaned and polished.

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