Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family Reunion Fun!

Labor Day is next weekend and many families use this long weekend for a family reunion. Tie in Labor Day and Families for great decorations.

Think simple - Does your family have a crest? Make photo copies, laminate and use that as place mats.
Definitely do name tags and under the name list the next of kin. Make a large family tree, color code the different branches and then use those same colors on the name tags.

Get Conversation Starters from (pic)

How about a little recipe sharing. Encourage a pot luck of sorts for the menu. Aunt Sally's potato salad, Uncle Nicks BBQ marinade, Grandmas deviled eggs, Great Great Aunt Bea's lemon meringe pie, etc. Print out copies of all the recipes and have available for everyone to take.

Here are some more tips from ehow on to have the most successful reunion!

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Christina Hagan said...

We used Table Topics (original edition) at my last family reunion and it was SO much fun. We were actually disappointed when we ran through alll of the cards. (Mind you we quickly discarded some cards because they were a little too heavy hitting for a fun lighthearted weekend). But it was a great conversation starter and I learned things I didn't know - like my Uncle has been skydiving!

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