Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding Professional Chats

Business Name: Feastivities Events
Your Name and title: Meryl Snow VP
Phone: 215 475 3338
Website Address:

Search Facebook: FEASTIVITIES, OffShoots, Philadelphia's Picnic Company
Twitter: merylsnows

How and why did you start in this business? My husband Andy & I have had extensive experience in the restaurant business. We grew tired of the same routine and looked further into the hospitality industry for a unique way to share our talents together. We decided that catering was underutilized and lacked a certain flair. That was twenty-two years ago and now our company has grown into a full service event planning, catering and decor organization.

Why do couples hire you? They don't hire ME, they hire the company and our team approach. A well orchestrated company that will make their vision a reality.

What is your favorite aspect of your job? Creativity. 'nuff said.

What is the strangest request you have gotten for a wedding? To keep the bride ' s parents away from the wedding ceremony. I was given photos of her parents in case they "crashed" the wedding. I hired secruity for the day . Indeed they showed up, and we had to escort them out. Strange.

Can you offer a piece of advice for couples? Weddings are extremely overwhelming . Often a bride may say, "I didn't see that! " Take a few moments to walk around, really look and obsorb the surroundings. The room, the floral, the food. Listen to the music. Couples spend months visualizing their event, now they need to experience it.

What is your Dream vacation? Rome. There is something there that I haven't experienced in other cities. The culture is laid back yet so exciting.

What is your favorite food item or dish? I have many... Experiencing modern cuisine is always a plus. Deep down it has to be my mother ' s stuffed artichokes with olive oil & seasoned bread crumbs. Simply fabulous!

What can’t you live without? My team. It takes creative forward thinkers to run a successful design, catering, picnic and planning company.

And your favorite quote? "In order to win the race you must run in it." Meryl Snow

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