Monday, July 27, 2009

Kid's Table Decor

Are you having a 'Kids Only' table at your wedding?
If so -don't put a floral centerpiece on the table - think of something interactive for the kids.

Simple would be butcher paper with a bucket of crayons and markers in the center tied with some balloons.

or more elaborate - a lollipop cone! Saw this at Martha - would be easy to recreate with a cone shape, paint, glue and some ribbon. There are instructions here.

This would also be great for a candy table at a wedding or at a Kids birthday party.
You could use rice krispie treats on a stick or chocolate covered strawberries or something not edible - think of the theme of your party.

Maybe I will try this for Gavin's 1st Birthday party - I am still dreaming up the perfect theme!!

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