Sunday, October 7, 2007

I have been Tagged!

I was just tagged by my friend Shayna with Weddings by Shayna in Williamsburg, VA. The deal is I am supposed to write 8 interesting things about me then tag someone else!
so here goes:

1- I used to dress the dining table and set up the napkins in interesting ways when my parents had dinner parties. One year I even bought everyone green St. Patty's hats, my mom thought I was taking it a little far.

2- I met my husband at a wedding - yep I was working as the wedding planner and he was a groomsmen!

3- I was an All American Cheerleader in HS and cheered at the 1992 Aloha Bowl in Hawaii.

4- I have spent every Christmas at my grandparents in NC, never at the home I grew up in. It was a good time to get ALL the family together.

5- I have an obsession with taking clippings from plants, rooting and making baby plants from them. Especially with aloe.

6- Every year I make my own Christmas cards. I love going to the craft stores and looking through magazines to get ideas and design my own card to send to family and friends.

7- This may not be all that interesting but I absolutely love the beach, any beach - I love listening to the waves, the seagulls and the kids playing in the waves.

8- I have 4 sets of everyday dishes. Brown for fall, Green swirl for spring, snowflakes for winter and white with fish design for summer. I even have glasses and place mats to match. My husband thinks I am weird, but I must change things up a little.

Ok now its your turn - You've been tagged:
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