Friday, October 19, 2007

New Halloween Tradition

So last night I was Ghosted!
My neighborhood is the best - I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it there was a bucket of candy and a ghost sign.

Here is what it said -

You've Been Ghosted
-Now it's your turn to 'ghost' one other house in our neighborhood
-You should 'ghost' this house within in 2 days of receiving your treat
-Hang the ghost on your front door so that everyone can see that you have been 'ghosted' and will not ghost you again. This will also let you know who you can ghost
-Fill 1 bag with candy and treats. Copy this letter and the ghost. Include treats, letter and ghost in your bag of goodies for the neighbor that you choose
-After dark, and only with an adult, 'ghost' your neighbor. Do not let the person that you are 'ghosting' see you, for it adds to the fun of it all. Place the treat bag on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run!
-It will be fun to see how many ghosts will appear in our neighborhood by Hall0ween.

This is soo cool - What a great way to encourage a cozy fun neighborhood.

Now when I went to Target to get candy today I noticed that Hershey's is promoting this same thing - calling it Booed. They even had ready made containers to give out and encouraged this with your coworkers, neighbors or friends at school.

So go have a spooktacular Halloween!

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