Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Martha Watch Out

Wine glass lamps you say?
why yes - this is a fabo idea to use at a dinner party or perhaps on an escort card table or near the guest book at your next wedding. Think of all the options!
I love it!!
Found on Charles and Marie to purchase for $20.

Made out of fragile parchment, each set contains 3 different shades with cute and whimsical designs that are printed in a faint white. All you need to do is take them out of the package, roll them up, drop a candle into a wine glass and add the lampshade. That's it. Instantly the white pattern is transformed to a darker shade (as if it were a shadow) and a wine glass is turned into a sweet miniature lamp.

or as a DIYer try this:
8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of vellum (one per lamp)
Scissors with decorative blades
Decorative paper punch in desired shape
Glue pen
Votive candle or a LED Battery Operated Tea Light

1.Lampshade Pattern (PDF file click here)

2. Trace the lampshade pattern onto the sheet of vellum. Cut the straight ends and the inner curve using plain scissors with decorative blades.

2. Punch designs about 1″ from the lower edge, spacing the designs evenly.

3. Apply a thin line of glue (a glue pen works well for this) to one straight end. Lap the other end over the glued end, forming the shade.

4. Drop the candle in the glass and set the lampshade on top. Voila!

Thank you to Jane and The Event Essentials for showing pictures and instructions on how to do this.

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