Thursday, September 18, 2008

Escort Card Inspiration with candles

So are you planning on putting your folded escort cards on a table with some rose petals? - lets try thinking out side the box and spruce up that table. This is the first impression you are giving your guests during cocktail hour.

Check out the candle options from CB2; click here to see more pics
Depending on the venue maybe hang the round votives and mini vases above the table.

Try using different shaped or height candle holders set around the table with the cards in the middle? The tapers can be a coordinating color - I would use 8-10 to be dramatic. If you are doing a round table put the candles in the center and the cards fanned out to the edges.

Or from Crate and Barrel:
I love this container (look for more pics next week from a baby shower). You can fill the bottom with all sort of things - shells, crystals, marbles, confetti, jelly beans or river rocks. Get colored votive candles with clear bases. It is small and can fit in your hand so I suggest putting them in rows or on risers along the table.

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