Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polka Dot Baby Shower

I wanted to share pictures with all of you about my Polka Dot Pram Baby Shower this past Sat. Hosted by my mom but some of my special touches added in.

Hydrangeas in the prams and mums in the mini vases.

Thanks to my dad for cutting perfect fuzzy squares to make the diapers.
I had to explain to my dad why I had to have circular menus - its a theme dad!
Parenting advice or wish bowl. Felt wrapped votive holder.
Decorate at Onsie for Baby T.
I just love these drinks! such a colorful detail.

And a very special Diaper Cake made by my mom (its a side biz of hers if anyone is interested)
Thanks Mom!
and the event wouldn't be complete without cupcakes in cute baby wrappers.
The Shower was held at Jasper Restaurant in Downingtown, PA.
Thanks to Select Event Rentals for donating the linens.


Elizabeth Bailey said...

SOOO Cute Meredith!

I love it to pieces. Love the pram. Love the menus. Love the diapers. Love it!

Miss. Meme said...

where did you get those o so cute baby carriages? If you bought them are you willing to resell?

jiddle said...

What a beautiful shower, and you look so happy. Congratulations again!

Isis said...

Meredith, the pictures don't even do everything justice. The shower was amazing and every little detail was gorgeous. Loved the menu cards and the centerpieces. Congratulations again!

Rashana of THE BRIDAL PARTY said...

So Adorable!
I love how the little diapers were used throughout.


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