Thursday, September 4, 2008

VIP Rock and Roll Table Top

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I was busy preparing for a Table Top Competition. It was held last night at the Villanova Conference Center and put on by the Society of Wedding Planners.

Here are some pictures of my table - I decided to do a Rock and Roll Theme - VIP Bar Mitzvah actually!

I used stanchions to separate off my table, my husbands guitar was the centerpiece with carnation balls and glitter candles. The table was lucite with a metal frame base uplit with red lights.

Silver snakeskin chargers with black plates, black silverware and soho glassware.
Menu cards were also Back Stage passes, complete with lanyards. The menu was appropriately named after rock songs. (Welcome to the Jungle - mixed green salad)

Place cards were cd's and Rock Stars were the guests. Every guest also received a rock candy treat.
Take home favors were custom made tshirts - just like a rock concert. The shirt said VIP Tour of a Lifetime - Sept 3, 2008.

Thanks to Irene at Party Rental for generously lending me the rental items for this display.


*~ Jane & Tricia ~* said...

FUN!!! I love it!! Great job, I sooo want to do a table top show!!

Isis said...

Love the display Meredith. Great job!

Anonymous said...


plastic stanchions said...

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