Monday, December 22, 2008

Bowl full of Cherries!

Favor Idea with Cherries!!

Don't you just love chocolate covered cherries? I always look forward to them every holiday - they come in that great red box...Well I found them gourmet this year! Cherries Divine

Hand dipped long stemmed cherries - a perfect gift for the holidays; for a friend or business associate. Also great idea for Valentines day, Easter or other special occasions. They come with white, milk or dark chocolate.

I love it as a wedding favor - look how cute the picture of the wedding dress and tux cherries are!
4 2 piece boxes (above) are $26.99.
Or buy them in increments of 15 for $24.95 and make your own packaging.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Bailey said...

So cute! The fun of the apples without the price! Plus cherries are so hard to get in season - so this is perfect for someone who really loves them. Great find!

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