Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sparkly Wonder

I have found the most amazing product - perfect for cleaning those engagement rings!
Check out Worley's Wonder Jewelry Cleaner

It brings the sparkle back to your jewelry and even safe for pearls. I would like to call it magic. I came across it in Myrtle Beach years ago, sold on a little stand at Barefoot Landing. I now use it for lots of things.

Like a glass and mirror cleaner - works wonders on your car windshield and even works as an anti fog agent for your bathroom mirror. Clean up your sunglasses and it doesn't leave finger prints. Its also an anti static agent so its great for your computer monitor or for cleaning dust off your ceiling fans.

So get your diamonds sparkling again as you head into the new year - its so easy to clean. Spray the ring (or other jewelry) and use the small brush to get around the prongs and close to the stone - VOILA - its beautiful again!

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Engagement Rings said...

Love the product. Great to keet engagement rings clean and with sparkle. I find hot water with washing up liquid can be useful too. From Engagement Rings

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