Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meaningful Gift Ideas

With all the commercialization of Christmas/Hanukkah people tend to forget the true meaning and spirit of the Holiday. Giving a gift is not about making sure you receive one back. Its not about spending the most money.

I love to shop and love to give people things for Christmas, a little something to show them how much they mean to me.

I came across some great meaningful and different gift ideas in Real Simple.

-do you have lots of old tshirts from college or sports - have them made into a quilt. Check out www.uncommongoods.com for a do it yourself or www.campusquilt.com for some help.

-send a reminder of a special vacation together - a pineapple in the dead of winter or a box of saltwater taffy. If you are sending a gift card attach it to a postcard from your favorite spot.

-have your old VHS tapes converted to DVD. There are machines that you can buy from Brookstone for $400 or just send them to www.scandigital.com - only $20 a tape.

Happy Giving!

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