Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Therapy' Candle Contest & Giveaway!

Aromatherapy Interventions sent me this awesome soy candle to try out. It's called Wedded Bliss. They have an entire line of 'therapy' candles.

Aromatherapy Interventions is a line of pure burning soy blend candles. Yet, it’s not just another candle line. Nor is it just one more floral aromatherapy brand. It’s true aromacology, the science of scent, applied to the modern mind. Inspired by all types, moods and occasions, Aromatherapy Interventions Soy Candles are a very smart gift; a personal expression of friendship that’s entertaining, insightful and unique.

After burning it, I fell in love and want to share it with YOU - by doing a contest.

So check out Aromatherapy Interventions website - look over the different candle options/scents and let me know via a comment here or email what scent or therapy you like and who you might give it to. Are there any ideas you want me to share with the company? I will pick a random comment # Friday Feb 12 and that person will receive a Wedded Bliss Candle and the comment with the most creative answer will get a candle of their choice. FREE

I am sure there is one for everyone.
Therapy is good isn't it?


Maria said...

Mere they need a "Sexy Mommy" candle that smells like Baby Powder and the sweet smell of baby's hair right after its been washed. They also need a "PMstupidS" candle that smells like... you guessed it... CHOCOLATE!!! Oooooh and a "Living in Sin" candle for us un-married sinner types!! It would have to be a sexy, woodsy, spicey kind of smell. These candles are so much fun!!!!!!

Hailey said...

All of those candles sound fantastic. I think I need the Panic Attack one. lol
I think they should have a "Creative Cook" candle that would smell like rosemary, thyme, black pepper, and lemon. I LOVE those smells together. I cook with those things often.
My husband says they should make a candle that smells like BBQ sauce.

Karen said...

I would love to give my sister "Panic Attack". She's got 5 kids. Need I say more?!

Custom t-shirts said...

(is there any anger cooling Candle i need to give it to my boss :)

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