Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Start Moving

Like most people I have a new years resolution to loose a little weight - it the baby weight and I know it will come off if I just stop eating the cookies! I know I can't eat like I did when I was pregnant - then there was the holidays but now I have no excuse.
I came across a few ways to include exercise in my day to day routine so I thought I would pass it on to any of you that are trying to trim down - for that wedding dress, honeymoon or just because you want to firm up.

1-Take your dog for a walk (with or without baby in stroller)
2-Switch out your office chair for an exercise ball
3-Park further away from the office or mall then take the stairs
4-Do calf raises while cooking
5-Take up swing dancing, or maybe take first dance lessons for the big day
6-Practice squats up and down the hallway at home
7-and in my case lift baby above head for some arm exercises!

and here are a few low calorie snacks:

1-applesauce or chocolate pudding
2-whole grain crackers with laughing cow cheese
3-fresh veggies with nonfat ranch dip
4-handful of almonds and an apple
5-100 calorie popcorn

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