Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am so excited for this weekends wedding - I always get excited the week before a wedding, especially if it is a full service client. I have been working with Erika and Matt for over a year. There are so many details and I am busy this week preparing.

It did get me thinking - most brides have no idea what goes into the last minute planning of their event. They don't know what is required until they have to do it. If they don't have a planner to guide them through this process it can be overwhelming.

For example I just faxed over a room layout to the country club - it shows table layout, what linen goes on what table (we have 4 different colors), what the table # is (we have pictures of the couple in front of the # around NY), how many people are at each table, the color of the lights around the room and what (out of 3) centerpiece goes on what table. It also shows where the string trio will play, where the band is to set up and where the Frank Sinatra impersonator will be.

I have also sent the same layout to the florist-Phoebe's and Eventions-the lighting company.

The good thing is Erika doesn't have to worry about this. I have it covered! Unfortunately some couples don't 'get' this until the week of their wedding.

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