Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Showers

Its bridal shower season so I thought I would do a few posts on tips to make your day fun and meaningful.

This is probably the first time your friends and family from both sides will meet. Although your hostess will be planning this event they might need your help in introducing the two sides of the family.

Some things to do to break the ice:
Play a game - I know I know it sounds cheesy but it really lightens the mood. It can be simple: Go around and have everyone introduce themselves and say something using their initials. ie: My name is Meredith and I love macaroons. Then have the guest say something funny about the bride or couple. At my shower everyone wrote on a notecard a funny memory of me, I picked a card, read it and had to figure out who wrote it, then I opened their gift.

A more elaborate game - Shower Bingo, your guests will mark off gifts that you open on a grid, when they get Bride they win - this really gets your guests interacting and makes watching you open your gifts fun.

Just get your guests talking about you, your fiance and the wedding and they will automatically click with everyone there!

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