Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Color Me Happy!

I have this thing for jewelry, especially bracelets. I wear them as part of my outfit, a great accessory. Last year I was turned on to Angela Moore jewelry and resort accents when I went to their anchor store in Newport, RI - talk about color overload!

Every bead is hand painted and has a theme; nautical, golf, baby, hawaiian, palm, toile, butterflies, flipflops, drinks etc.

I am now hooked on their bracelets and hair ties. They have something for everyone in every color. So I got to thinking that these bracelets, earrings and candles are great gifts for bridesmaids, friends that are reading at your wedding or even for your mother in law.

If you are having an casual outdoor wedding the bridesmaids can wear bracelets to match their dresses and the groomsmen can wear matching colorful ties.
You can pick a certain theme to match your friends styles and they can wear them for fun.

Angela Moore also showcases flip flops and coverups that would be great for your honeymoon.

These are not sold in many stores but through home Style Parties. If you are interested let me know and I will pass on your info. That way you earn free jewelry.

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