Thursday, March 15, 2007

Newspaper Announcements

Many couples want to share their good news of their engagement or wedding day with the public. They want to announce it to the Metro DC area via the newspaper. Some clients say their mothers are adamant about sharing the news, others want to do it for business or social reasons. And still others just want to have it published as a keepsake.

Most couples that do this get the newspaper and save their cut out announcement. After a few months this keepsake turns yellow and the corners start to curl.

The Washington Post Style Section is catching on that couples want to have a keepsake of this announcement and are now offering a e-tear sheet of that page. This will last a lifetime.

prices range from: $250 - $1000
if interested please contact Isadora at The Washington Post Wedding Announcement Desk, 202-334-5736

Having just got married myself - I know the desire to preserve everything related to the wedding. I will have to laminate the announcement from my hometown paper, since an email version was not offered.

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