Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ins and Outs of Wedding Invitations

Many clients ask me for advice on the ins and outs of wedding invitations – here are some answers to the commonly asked.

Do I need to send my vendors invitations?

I would send your officiant/minister an invite so they are reminded to put it on their calendar. They are also considered a regular guest and will get a regular meal. Even though they may only stay for cocktails it is still appropriate. Send an invite to your wedding planner- for their files, the videographer and photographer because they might want to have it on your wedding day for certain photos.

How do I include directions and other wedding weekend events with my invitation?

According to Emily Post and invitation should be just that- an invite to one specific event, your wedding. You may include a small card that either invites guests to view a website for more information or a small card with directions. The website is a good place to put all the parties, times, locations and maps for your guests information.

How do I keep track of responses?

An easy way to manage your responses is to use an excel file. First create the file with full names in alpha order by last name, an inner envelope name and an outer envelope name, addresses, gift column and columns for all the scheduled events. Also assign a # to each family/invite. Write this number on the back of the response card you send to them. If for some reason the card comes back and they forget to write in their name or are missing info you can look it up on your excel file.

How do I stuff the invitations?

First you need to get the envelopes addressed. Whether you are doing it yourself or taking it to your calligrapher you should write the inner and outer envelopes at the same time, same handwriting and don’t forget to write the number on the back of the response card. Stamp your response envelopes. Now for the order of putting the invite together and stuffing the envelopes:

· If you have a flat or folded invite put that on the bottom, then tissue on top (to prevent ink from direction card rubbing off)

· Put the response card in the corresponding envelope flap

· Then layer the direction card, the response card and reception card on top of the invite

· Stuff all items in the inner envelope then turn envelope over and put in outer envelope so the first thing guests see is a nice addressed inner envelope.

· Weigh the whole invite then stamp

· Take your invitations to the post office and ask them if you can Hand Stamp them. This will prevent them being run through the machine with possible black lines or damage.


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