Saturday, March 10, 2007

Philadelphia Flower Show

For years my mom and her friends have been going to The Flower Show in Philadelphia. This year it was my turn to take mom for her birthday!!

I didn’t exactly know what to expect but I was definitely wowed! There were dramatic flower arrangements and lighting covering the convention center. This years theme was Irleand so most displays had an Irish feel. You walk in under a flower arch, the fragrant smells and sights were amazing! Many landscapers and florists created huge flower/plant scapes with themes, you walk amongst these then head to the marketplace to buy everything from cut flowers, bulbs, gardening tools, containers, prints and see innovative gardening ideas.

My favorite was the ‘Pretty in Pink’ display. It was sort of weddingish. There were two tables dressed in pink and feathers floating on the water with centerpieces of thousands of tulips and orchids, The pond was surrounded by pink azaleas, pink hydrangea, cherry blossoms and pink rhododendron. There was a gazebo to the side of this garden filled with flowers.

The one thing I took away from this was the creative use of different plants and flowers together. The colors and textures and the use of different containers. I took a ton of pictures and hope to use some of them for weddings and others for ideas in my garden.

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