Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Postage Increase

The USPS announced that it was increasing the postage rate again! From $.39 to$.41. This goes into effect May 14.

This is good and bad for couples sending out wedding invitations. Wedding invites usually cost $.63 + the $.39 on the response envelope.

Good - because with the new rate the first ounce is $.41, next ounces is $.17-total of $.58. Less then before.
Bad - there might be a little bit of hassle involved if you are sending your invitation out in May, just pay attention before sticking on the stamps. Late June and July brides -it might be worth waiting until May 14.

USPS also created the Forever Stamp to be more convenient - the stamp won't change when the prices change.

Oh and don't forget to hand cancel all your invitations - the postmen love this, just ask behind the counter for the stamper and do it yourself - the invites will look better when your guests receive them.

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