Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Art of Thank You

So now that Santa was good to you you need to say thanks to everyone on the list!

A thank you note is always welcome and should be sent. Your friend or family member spent time picking out your gift - show the same with a thoughtful handwritten note.

Here are some pointers if you get stuck.
1- everyone should have nice personal note cards, not necessarily ones that say Thank You on the front.
2- open with enthusiasm
3- think about starting with how lucky you are for being their friends or family
4- mention the effort they made to attend the event or party
5- highlight something you remember about them from that day (special red santa hat or black sequined shoes)
6- specify how or where you will use their gift
and don't repeat 'thank you' over and over again

This is the same advice for sending thank yous after the wedding or shower. Since you have lot to write make a template and stick with it.

If you are looking for a unique card check out for their picture cards.
Pick a style, upload a pic of you and the gift giver and send them a note through Shutterfly or any other picture website.

Now get to it....

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