Saturday, December 8, 2007

Trees, Trees, Trees

As you know I am in a new house this holiday season and I am having so much fun decorating! I am putting garland all the way up my staircase and over the landing and I have decided to decorate 2 trees. For my living room I am doing teal and brown to match the rooms decor (walls are chocolate) with handmade ornaments and eucalyptus and for the family room I am doing red and gold with traditional every day ornaments.

My mom is the bow making queen so she came up yesterday and helped make bows for my garland and bows for my glitter ornaments. I got 2 great ideas out of Better Homes and Gardens Holiday magazine, using glass and styrofoam balls, paint and glitter!
Enjoy the pictures.

I am using fuzzy chocolate brown fabric draped around the base as my tree skirt.

My husband doesn't get my addiction to decorating but he didn't seem to mind me wanting to do two trees. This tree sure looks gorgeous!

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