Thursday, December 13, 2007

I do and the Internet!

The Internet and the Modern day Bride!

A few months ago I was interviewed by Northern Virginia Magazine - the article just came out and I was quoted numerous times! DIY I-Do's, December 2007

Here is a snippet!

"The best thing about the internet is that they get to see all of the ideas and concepts online," she said. But brides actually can get really overwhelmed with all of the options that they need a planner ot help them hold it all together."

"The dress tool is very beneficial for brides, especially because brides are so internet-savvy these days. They can go online and try different things out instead of having to go to a store and pick Dress A off of the shelf for their bridesmaids."

"Photographers putting the wedding photos online is very popular these days; it's an easy way for friends and family members to see the pictures and order them, which they never really had the opportunity to do in the past."

Tomasulo said that although printing invitations up for showerse and bridal parties is popular, she has noticed that most brides still don't mind paying extra for their wedding invitations. "They want to touch and feel the paper; they don't want a cheap invitation to go out for their special day."

Wedding planners, too are creating websites that detail their services, as well as their own blogs. Tomasulo started a wedding blog on her company's website to keep clients up to date on trends in the planning business. "Blogs are huge right now; its a personal way to connect with their brides. They want to read something more personal rather than articles that are up on websites for the general public."

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