Friday, December 14, 2007

Cookie Exchange

Last night I hosted the first annual neighborhood cookie exchange with my book club ladies!

It was so great - everyone had to bake 7 doz cookies, packaged in 14 bags of 6 AND if that wasn't enough they had to make the packaging display beautiful! for prizes of course!

When we talked about this 1/2 the ladies were all for it and the other 1/2 weren't so sure they could do the baking, shop for presents, work and be a mom. One lady in particular said there was no way and that I was crazy - although the last the respond she made yummy butterscotch rice krispie treats and I really think she enjoyed herself.

Another neighbor said that this was one of the first times she ever baked! I checked my email this am and she has already responded YES to the Second Annual cookie exchange - how great is that.

Well thanks ladies - it was a lovely evening. I enjoyed hosting and can't wait to break into some of these cookies - now which one to try first?


Isis said...

What a great idea Meredith! I tip my hat to anyone who bakes 7 dozen cookies.

By the way, I hate to do it to you...but Tag you're it. Check out my blog for details

Unknown said...

How fun Meredith! A couple years ago my girlfriend and I spent 1/2 a day baking 5 different recipes but we met at her house and did the mixing and the baking. It was a great way to bond and put on a few calories.

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